Amanda McConnon

Amanda McConnon

I'm a travel and copywriter.

A graduate of the MFA in writing program at NYU, I've worked writing travel pieces, feature articles, local and national news pieces, branded content for businesses, copy and literary interviews.

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Dec1hepperman article

"They deserve to be heard." In conversation with Christine Heppermann - Late Night Library

In “The Woods,” the first poem in Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My Pretty (Greenwillow Books), Christine Heppermann asks, “Where are the fairy tales about gym class / or the doctor’s office or the back of the bus / where bad things also happen?” Much of the rest of the...

Rodney koeneke banner article

Poetry's special way of folding: A conversation with Rodney Koeneke - Late Night Library

Etruria stunned me with the way it was both disorienting and deeply grounding, illogical and rational. It approaches and examines the big questions of life with vulnerability, and without coming to clear conclusions. Reading it feels like witnessing the speaker hash thought out, which leaves the reader feeling more emotionally...

20150727 wimberleym lni article

Matthew Wimberley

Matthew Wimberley

2014 05 05banner arif gamal article

I wanted us to walk together: An interview with Arif Gamal - Late Night Library

Intimate, moving, and wise, Arif Gamal’s Morning in Serra Mattu: A Nubian Ode (McSweeney’s Poetry Series, April 2014) explores issues of identity, community, and homeland, collective memory and loss, and the intersection of environmental, geopolitical, and personal history in contemporary Sudan.  Arif was kind enough to discuss the inspiration and...

2014 06 02 lni april heck article

The magnitude and quality of grief: In conversation with April Naoko Heck - Late Night Library

April Naoko Heck’s A Nuclear Family travels from the nuclear blast of Hiroshima to the life of its speaker in America decades later, but in spite of the distance in both space and time between the events, they never feel unconnected. Through images, Heck reminds us of the utter chaos...

Brownlee banner2 article

No Things But in Places: A Conversation with J. Scott Brownlee - Late Night Library

I met J. Scott Brownlee during my first workshop as a graduate student at New York University, where, early in the semester, I heard him read his poem “Mockingbird” the same way it was written—with slow, accumulating thought and ponderous pauses. I began to look forward to hearing his poems...

Privitello banner article

Late Night Interview - Late Night Library

Fierce is the word that first comes to my mind when I think of Meghan Privitello. Not fierce in a way that’s off-putting or isolating, but rather a way that gives you the sense that she is deeply focused, that her thought is somehow sharper or more accurate than most other...